Dancing By The Light of the Moon

Dancing By The Light of the Moon

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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Three Songs Written This Week

Ruin My Reputation - Blues Cha Cha with funny concept
Favorite Fall Guy  - To anyone who has ever made the mistake of always having to bail the same person out of trouble time and time again.
I Aint Sleepy (But I Feel Like Lying Down) - a Country Rocker with a Universal theme

All of these tunes were written and recorded May 18 - 22, 2010.

Going to SLO Tomorrow

Well lets, see, tomorrow I  am traveling down to Atascadero, CA to visit old friend Mark Collins, hear his new Joe Pass model Hollow Body Jazz Guitar and check on the status of my Stratocaster electric. Also I hope to go and see a few musician friends appearing in concert Saturday.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Be Happy Go To RichieBegin.com


Check Me Out

My latest blog is an invitation to check out the music and photos and pictures at my website
RichieBegin.com.  There's lots of pictures on FACEBOOK as well.

Have Fun and Be Yourself

My second blog is an exercise just to urge myself and others to be themselves and strive to be a force for helpfulness to others. In other words, spread a little happiness and love and music around if you can.
This is the first post on my Blog,posted by me!
This is going to be fun (I hope).